Valentine's Day For Boys

Hey "Bradley" Dads! Valentine's Day isn't just another "give a card and chocolate" holiday. V-Day is a lot more about showing your son what good relationships should look like and how to treat women.

Here's how you can turn this day into an important lesson on how to treat mom and the future women of his life. 

1. Write a love letter!

write a cute note to your spouse and read it to your son before delivering it. Your letter should include romantic references like those picnics at the beach or details about how you first met. This will show your son that expressing love is a very normal thing. Brownie points for using glitter!


2. Team up to plan a dinner!

You and your little "Romeo"  can spend some time together at the market shopping for ingredients  based on mom's favorite dish. Encourage him to pick a tasty dessert too (I haven't met a kid who doesn't know their way around a bakery). Brownie points; when you're home encourage him to help set the table.

3. Make it a point to celebrate love everyday!

Show him throughout the year that mom is worth loving and showing affection too everyday. Show him that romance should be exhibited daily. Brownie points if you two write mom occasional poems!

Bradley Dad,

Ernie Gochez