How To Choose A Doula

How To Choose A Doula


Having a baby is a big deal, and whether this is your first go around or you’re a baby making veteran, having another set of hands--that aren't attached to your spouse's mother--will be helpful.

You can't choose your in-laws, so instead, consider choosing to hire a CHILDBIRTH DOULA!

You may be wondering; "How do I choose a doula?” or you probably Googled; “How to choose a doula? *confused emoji*”

Follow the easy steps below and before you know it you'll have some peace of mind, and a possible excuse as to why hubby's mom isn't needed as childbirth expert on the big day...plenty of time for that the rest of your life...anyways...

Here they are;

Step 1.

Get Recommendations/ Research

     Ask your natural childbirth educator, midwife, primary care provider, chiropractor, your mom posse, or your partner who got you into this predicament in the first place! You can also try using and search for a Doula near your city. Make sure you trust your resource and always do your research.

Step 2.

Get In Touch/ Interview

     You gotta reach out! Via call, text, email, Instagram, carrier pigeon, whatever, just make sure you get in touch. Ask your questions no matter how silly you think they are. Remember this person is going to be part of your support team, so they should be…what’s the word?… oh yes; SUPPORTIVE! She should make you feel comfortable by answering ALL your questions, even the meaning of life. Here are words that should come to mind when speaking to your Birth Doula; SUPPORTER, FRIEND, ADVOCATE, ENCOURAGER, DEFENDER, EMPATHETIC, LOVING, EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL, DYNAMIC, and SINCERITY.

Step 3.

Hire Her!/ Relax

     If you hit it off, most chances are she’s probably a popular Doula, and hanging out with the cool kids isn’t something you pass up! A great doula won’t overbook which means they’re usually only booking one client per expected delivery week, and you definitely want to get on the list.   A professional Doula will be prepared with a contract to ensure your satisfaction, and easy payment methods to get you on her calendar quickly.

Make a financial commitment that is sure to be a return on your investment. Remember you only get one birthday for you and your child—make sure it’s how you want it. As always, if you have any questions feel free to write us or call us by clicking here.

Yours in Childbirth Education,

Ernie Gochez