How Much Should I Pay A Doula? AND WHY?!

That all depends on your knowledge of Doulas (what they do), the average going rate, and your budget.

How Much Does A Doula Cost?

First you have to understand what a Doula does for you. You can read our Blog “What Is A Birth Doula?” for more detail. In the meantime, here is a short list of what a Doula does:

1.       Emotional Support: Keeping you and your partner motivated

2.       Physical Support: like holding you up, moving you into different labor positions, etc.

3.       Educational Support: Protecting your birth plan, reducing unnecessary intervention, keeping you informed, etc.

4.       Provides Specialized Skills: Rebozo Training, Infant CPR, Placenta Preparation, Bradley Method, etc.

5.       Prenatal Visits: Check on you, baby, and your partner, PLUS game plan for your birth so that you are all on the same page

6.       A loving, caring great attitude

7.       ON CALL: 24/7 email, text and phone support leading up to your birth

8.       And much, much more

Next you have to understand the average rate in your area. Here in Orange County CA, rates will range from as high as $2,500 to as low as $1,100. With most Doula services making it hard to understand pricing by not listing it, and disclaiming that price varies depending on “situation”. To make it easy, click this DOULA link to see exactly what our services cost and what they include.

Now you have to get practical—what’s your budget? Can you shell out max you want to? Are you already paying a pretty penny for the birth center, nursery, childbirth education, etc? You’re going to want to consider this before making payment. You may also want options on payment plans—some Doulas can offer payment plans. To learn about our payment plans, please contact us so we can make arrangements that fit your needs.

Let’s talk about reimbursement…like getting your Doula Dollas covered.

Your Doula cost expenses may be covered via your FSA (flexible spending account) and/or your HAS (health spending account) so long as it’s a covered expense and if your Doula bills you correctly. So this may be a way to financially acquire Doula services.

paying a doula

Remember this is all relative, some of you reading this are going to spare no expense, and some of you aren’t going to need to spend top dollar to receive the best care. At the end of the day, what matters most is your connection and relationship with your Doula. To read some reviews on what our Doula services are like from other parents, click this YELP link.

Now that you’re convinced you need a Doula, you may be asking “how do I choose a Doula?”

Easy, either click the DOULA link on our page or read our BLOG; “How To Choose A Doula”.

As always, if you have any questions about Doula Services, Childbirth Education, FSA/ HSA reimbursement, or anything else, please email us at or visit our Instagram and comment/DM us your questions to @babylovencp .

Christy Gochez