3 Easy Games For Your Newborn Baby

Playtime! It isn’t just because it’s fun; playtime is also found to be beneficial for promoting healthy development in your newborn’s social skills, reasoning, motor skills, and parent-child bonds. In this day and age, most people think playtime involves an app on as phone--which may have its’ benefits--but let’s keep it real, direct play with a parent is way better. Here are three games that you can play with your newborn.


peek a boo with Newborn

Peek-A-Boo: Showing your newborn that your face can change will allow her to start to recognize you better. Practice those cross-eyed, tongue out, nostril flared faces and watch your baby be mesmerized by your odd beauty.


Sing to Newborn

Singing: Your newborn wants to imprint, he wants to know who it was talking to him in the belly for the last nine months. So give them a performance that is sure to leave a good impression—even if you’re not the best vocalist, your baby won’t know. Some song ideas are; Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and if you’re feeling it… “I said a hip hop, hippie to the hippie, the hip hip a hop and you don’t stop a, rock it out, bubba to the bang bang boogie, boogie to the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie the beat” then drop that Fisher Price mic!


Pets and Newborns

Exploring: Let her feel new things like a washcloth, teething toy, rattle, spoon, sensory ball, etc.. Keep it safe and gentle, and you’re sure to kick start her brain development. Remember that everyday items to you are new and wondrous to her! Point to the trees outside, introduce your family and friends, or let them stare at the dog and cat playing in front of them. It will be fun for you to watch her eyes try and make sense of it all.


As you’re both enjoying each other and playing these games remember that your newborn can become overstimulated and playing gently and patiently will always give the best result. So have fun, and make a moment.

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Photography provided by: @heyvegan for @babylovencp